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Connect your accounts and Carefull does the work for you, safely and securely.

Carefull offers you assurance, alerts, and answers to the money questions that matter most.

Carefull costs $29.99 per month.
As a TCB customer, this service is completely free.*

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How it works


Add yourself or a loved one whose accounts need extra protection


Connect your accounts and enable credit & ID monitoring


Stay alerted to any unusual activity

Receive smart monitoring & alerts

Carefull analyzes spending, bills, account balances and due dates. If something looks unusual, you’ll get an alert via text and email.

See the whole picture, across accounts

Connect multiple accounts, and we’ll show you the full picture within seconds. See what money is coming in and going out, which bills are coming up and how much is left in the bank.

Keep everyone in the loop

Whether you’re coordinating with family or professionals, you can add them to your “Circle” of support. Collaborate in our app and resolve issues together, free of charge.

Secure your credit & identity

24/7 monitoring to track any misuse of your identity and credit online, including up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

A smart second set of eyes

Potential late payments
Periods of high or low spending
Gift card purchases
Usually low balance
Missing or additional income
Insufficient funds
Large transactions
New recurring bills
Changed bill amounts
Duplicate payments

Safe Money Monitoring

In a world with over $50B of scams and financial mistakes every year, Carefull provides a second set of eyes to protect your accounts against fraud, misuse, identity theft, and more. Stay independent and in control, using Carefull to catch small problems before they become big ones. All free courtesy of TCB.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Carefull?

Carefull is the first service designed to organize and protect the finances of older adults. Our service helps you protect financial accounts by monitoring them for possible late or missed payments, changes in spending patterns or behavior, unusual transactions or signs of fraud. Carefull also monitors your information online 24/7, looking for theft or leaks of your personal data.

Our service also simplifies the sometimes-tricky communication and transparency needed within families, offering timely advice and helping you coordinate with other family members who are involved with your parents’ care.

How does it work?

Get started by creating an account for yourself through this website. Then, securely connect you or a loved one’s financial accounts in the app to enable alerts, monitoring and analysis.

Carefull then learns your unique spending, bill schedule and account balance patterns and automatically reviews transactions to ensure that nothing unusual is occurring — no late bill payments, payments involving strange people or places, changes in spending patterns, and more. If it catches anything fishy, it will send alerts to your email and phone.

Carefull will also enable you to see all bills in one place and give you the ability to see which bills have been paid, which may be late and which are upcoming.

You have the option to invite your loved ones or other family members into the app at no cost if they ordinarily participate in conversations about financial matters (although you don't have to). Then, when an issue arises, you can share and collaborate within the app, and your “Circle” is there to help resolve it.

Lastly, taking care of finances can often leave people feeling that they “don’t know what they don’t know.” Our experts have written educational guides and tips about topics like how to protect you or a loved one from fraud and how to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever happens through the aging process.

How long does it take to set up Carefull?

The Carefull setup process is quick and painless. You can create an account and connect you or a loved one’s financial accounts in a matter of minutes and start receiving alerts immediately.

Who is Carefull for?

We built Carefull for older adults and their financial caregivers. Some people manage this set of tasks completely on their own, and some people collaborate with other family members or professionals. Access to Carefull can be granted to any trusted person in your loved one’s “Circle” of support.

What types of “alerts” will I receive from Carefull?

Carefull pulls together insights and alerts from all connected financial accounts and brings the most urgent ones to your attention. You'll receive alerts about financial issues like:

- Changes in spending patterns
- Unusual transfer types / withdrawals
- Unusual transfer payees
- Unusual cash usage
- Unknown or unusual merchants
- Late bills and payments
- Large or unusual transactions
- Duplicate transactions
- Unusual balances or balance patterns
- Unusual transaction locations
- Recurring charitable donations
- Irregular and unexpected fees

How is Carefull different from the alerts I already receive from my bank?

Unlike a bank, Carefull is designed with the day-to-day activities of financial caregivers in mind. We’ll alert you to issues that a bank won’t catch, but which can be common to older adultsand those who suffer from memory loss —a late or missed bill payment, an accidental duplicate payment to the electric company, a charitable donation that was accidentally set to be paid monthly instead of one-time.

But on top of that, we’ll enable you to resolve that issue, communicate it with anyone else who needs to be in the know, and help you ensure that similar issues won’t happen again.

Will my loved ones have to sign up for Carefull as well?

Caregiving situations vary widely. It’s not necessary for your loved one to use the Carefull service. If they are typically involved in communication or day-to-day efforts surrounding finances, it would be advisable to include them, but how the service is used is up to each individual and family.

Can anyone in my Carefull Circle make transactions on my behalf?

Carefull maintains read-only access to your data. We use your data to provide insights and analysis only. The access you grant us does not allow us or anyone in your Carefull Circle money movement in any form.